Backlink Diver v1.1 Beta 2 released


We released Backlink Diver v1.1 beta 2 and we're inviting you to test it.

In this version we added the ability to use proxy servers for checking the pages for Google index and PageRank. In the powerful built-in Proxy Manager you can create numerous proxy lists and test proxy servers for validity and anonymity.

We also changed the work of the "Detect PageRank" and "Check Indexed' options. Now Backlink Diver does not detect PageRank automatically while checking the pages for backlinks. This makes the program functionality more flexible because you can load any list of URLs and check them for PageRank and/or Google index without the verification for backlinks. Plus, you can toggle a proxy list and check the PR and Google index only through proxy servers.

In fact, you get 4-in-one tools: Backlink verifier, PageRank checker, Google index checker and Proxy list checker.

The v1.1 beta 2 also includes many internal fixes which improve and optimize the program work.

You can download Backlink Diver v1.1 beta 2 at this page:

You can find the tutorials how to use proxy servers in Backlink Diver here:

As always, we appreciate your suggestions and bug reports on our User Forum http://www.justlan.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=27

Thank you for your time!

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